Notes from Rebel Ventures

Presentation from Rebel Ventures

  • Served in schools at breakfast – 30,000 served on one Monday
  • Create posters for cafeterias and hallways. Possibly in classrooms too.
  • Encouraging people to try/like unfamiliar food is a challenge
  • “Rebel Champs” in schools is one way they have considered doing this
  • Logo needs to match packaging
  • Mark should go on shirts, hats, and more
  • Middle vs high school cafeterias: may need differentiated advertising
  • Recipes are sent to factory partner to create prototypes for testing, then mass produce
  • Michael’s Bakery and their own kitchen are where these are made
  • Front of package is staying the same – must fit it to that
  • Youthful: youth power is the core value, maintain that vibe that’s coming through
  • Rebellious
  • Original and authentic, not prepackaged, organic
  • Philly related – What is Philly? Rough around the edges, lots of spirit
  • Package may eventually be redesigned to match – but not soon, and the youth will decide, not him
  • Will it go on letterhead? Maybe, but definitely going on kids’ clothing
  • Rebel Ventures will be the words on the logo, not Rebel Crumbles
  • Posters should be geared toward advertising the product, not the whole company
  • Layer levels of engagement – kids should like it, but also learn from it, also be inspired to do something. BUT make sure it isn’t corny.
  • Breakfast and lunch are free to all students. They have a choice between school food and rebel crumbles
  • Most students aren’t aware that these are made in Philly and don’t see them as especially cool
  • Middle and high school students don’t like to be advertised to – don’t like to be manipulated – show that this is a rebellious act designed to help students, not help some company
  • Filled with apples and whole grains
  • Long lasting energy

Our Discussion Afterwards

  • Play up the “made in Philly” aspect?
  • Teach about where the food is coming from?
  • “Made by a student like you”
  • But then, all the posters are trying to teach you something. Needs to also stay pleasing to the eye as students live with it.
  • Bike culture is big here – can we make that link to health?
  • Survey/research into trends?
  • But then, “trendy” isn’t long term and we could be wrong or accidentally uncool or disrespectful
  • Focus on the aesthetic and the values of the company
  • No typefaces

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