Stara: Capacities Statement

I am a choreographer of harmonious complexity. I believe that numerous components can be brought into unity without detracting from one another. The question is merely how to organize them into layers of meaning so that the person experiencing the design may zoom in and out, taking in more or fewer layers according to his or her own needs, which I would not presume to limit. My specialty lies in answering that question through hierarchy, pleasing rhythm, and devoted craftsmanship. No task is too daunting for me, because I love this challenge and do not require much rest from what others might consider hard “work”. I consider it play. My ideal project would be one of endless layers of meaning organized into harmonious structure, creating beauty and revealing function in their interplay, like an infinite fractal. The richness of a design need only be limited by the resources available to create it and the needs of the people who consume it. Give me these inputs (which I will listen to with care), and I will reliably generate results.

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