Heesoo Capacities Post

I am a persevering cockroach.

I don’t mind staying in the shadows away from all the action. In fact, that is how I learn best – through continuous observation of my surroundings, passively absorbing peoples’ behaviorisms and understanding their thought processes. In doing so, I am able to be perceptive of the individual feelings and emotions of the people around me. I am fascinated by the human mind – how people can perceive, compute, and store identical sets of data and yet formulate polar opposite conclusions and opinions. However, I welcome this discourse as I believe this is the only way humans can truly progress.

I persevere when faced with hardship. Similar to how a cockroach always seems to find its way back to that banana peel in the trash bin against all odds, I am resilient. I am driven by this same hunger – a hunger for intellectual exploration, a hunger for creative freedom, and a hunger for happiness.

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