Zara Logo Change


The Zara logo change has been an interesting decision, to say the least. I remember being surprised at the new direction Zara was taking, since the wide spaces between the letterforms are reminiscent of luxury brand design and gave Zara more of a “luxe” look and feel. Zara was always a sort of bridge between fast fashion / cheaper brands like H&M and luxe designer brands like Gucci. However, when fashion brands rebrand and redesign their logo, it has tended to signify a change in operations, and we have seen that with Zara this year by expanding their products to include beauty items. In this world of high fashion, Zara is making moves to position itself as something different amongst all its competitors, which is why I think it was a smart move to feature bolder and more tightly knit letters, since it is different from the classic wide serif text that we see with brands like Burberry, Dior, and more. This new, slightly grotesque, logo is a fresh change from the uniformity we see in today’s fashion branding, and I think it is successful in its mission to demonstrate Zara’s differentiation.

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