Project 2

This project involves developing proposals for the Penn Museum Library entrance and  explorations for a general graphic identity. The cluttered and unattractive entrance obscures the library’s function and features, deterring visitors from entering. The entrance to the library is located along a heavily-trafficked corridor that connects the Penn Museum’s galleries and the Academic Wing.
Deb Stewart, Director, Museum Library, will introduce the project on Thursday, Feb 21, at 3pm (library is on 2nd floor – enter through main entrance on Spruce). Be prepared to listen carefully and interrogate her so we can get what we need to start the project.
Deb and her team have provided a number of drawings and views of the library spaces as well as Penn Libraries/Penn Museum graphics standards.

Project 2 Readings and Video for 2.26: (Claire and Stara discussion leaders)
Forty Corporate ID
Unraveling Wild

Paola Antonelli, MoMA Design Curator: Treat Design as Art TED Talk


Sample video produced for Fisher Fine Arts fundraising using identity developed in class.



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