Hello | Project 1

Welcome to Practicum 2019

In the first project you’ll be conducting research and developing visual identities for a group of emerging companies as part of The Penn UPstart Program. Jamie Sweet, Programming Manager, PCI Ventures will introduce the project at 3pm January 17.

A summary of PCI company descriptions is here. Full descriptions are below:

1 FloBio_Design Brief
2 Hydropore_DesignBrief
3 OsciFlex_Design Brief
4 Perch_Design Brief
5 Pinpoint Therapeutics_Design Brief
6 RightAir_Design Brief
7 TAIRIS_Design Brief
8 Vetigenics_Design Brief
9 Cogwear_Design Brief

Before that we’ll start an exercise that relates designing to gift giving;

* Interview a partner. Go beyond the surface. Listen carefully to what is said and unsaid.
* Design a gift that you feel would recognize them and present to your partner at start of class January 24.

(2016 gift pix, here).    (2017 gift pix, here).   (2018 gift pix, here)


Readings/video: (for discussion Jan 22)
Brand New Worlds: Corporate Makeovers and Dead Logos, Blauvelt
What is a Designer, Potter
The Gift, Dilnot

And, watch this video that shows an interdisciplinary product design project.
The Deep Dive, IDEO, 1999

Colbert USA Today Branding  1:20


Typetalk2019 practicum

Fisher Fine Arts video
Fisher Fine Arts
Rescufy site
Ghost Robotics video
Mobileoptx site




Related articles here:
“At the heart of the courses (at Stanford’s Institute of Design) is developing what David Kelley, one of the school’s founders, calls an empathy muscle.”

Evolution of Gift Giving, Bruck

Typographic marks, dc
TypeTalk, dc

Helvetica Opening
Brand New
Joe Finocchiaro Design
Hoefler & Co.

Design Standards Manual


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